There's no better way to get outside with the family and practice social distancing than by visiting local orchards and roadside stands where there is plenty of room to roam. And the orchards themselves are ensuring everyone enjoys a healthy visits with COVID-19 safeguards in place.

Take your pick of apples and pumpkins throughout September and October at a wide variety of U-Pick-Em orchards in the Great Rivers & Routes region or just pick up your locally grown favs at a roadside stand.

Delight the senses with the brilliant orange of pumpkins, the vibrant yellows of squash and reds, yellows and greens of apples dangling from the limbs of trees as you wander through orchards in search of the perfect pumpkin or bushel of apples. From the early McIntosh and Honeycrisp apples in early September to Red and Golden Delicious in late September and the Granny Smith and Fuji apples in October, there is always a 'ripe' time to select your fruits.

Produce Tip: Be on the look out for 'blue pumpkins'. Yes, it is a real thing. Pumpkins come in a range of color including orange, yellow, royal blue and light blue!

Be sure to check with each orchard and roadside stand for current availability of produce.



20995 Eckert Rd, Grafton

(618) 786-3445


2260 E. Illinois River Road, Brussels

(618) 883-2385


2914 Airport Rd., Godfrey

(618) 466-3576


7127 Illinois River Rd., Brussels

(618) 883-2265




24728 Reddish Rd., Fieldon


Apple House

Illinois Rt. 67  2.5 miles south of Jerseyville

(618) 498-6951


480 Meyer Ln., Brussels

(618) 883-2383


(618) 786-4856


6304 Humbert Rd., Godfrey


22935 Chatauqua Rd., Elsah

(618) 946-7974


148 Ridge Rd., Golden Eagle

(618) 883-2000


8863 Dustman Rd., Worden

(618) 307-4989


8308 Kuhn Station Rd., Edwardsville

(618) 659-9217


11477 Pocahontas Rd., Marine



12803 Broom Rd., Carlinville

(217) 854-3514


311 Daum Station Rd., Greenfield

(217) 416-0839