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Purpose of Calendar of Events Listing
To provide a system for visitors and potential visitors to become aware of tourism events, festivals and activities for the region. These event listings are designed to assist the traveler in their planning efforts to visit the region. In order to best meet our mutual needs, these events must be of a nature to bring people into our communities from outside of our region. A typical guideline would be, "would a significant number of people travel more than 50 miles to attend this event?"

The official form must be completed and submitted to the Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau, a minimum of 90 days prior to the event. The event must be open to the public. The event must be held within the Alton Regional CVB service area (northern Madison, Jersey and Calhoun counties in Illinois).

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure accuracy of the information submitted.

Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau must be notified within 48 hours of a decision to cancel an event. Failure to do so may impede future listings or promotion by Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau retains the right to refuse any listing.

Events and Fund-Raisers without a relevant tourism connection are not eligible for listing on our Tourism Destination website at The visitor’s center can be made aware of any ineligible event and a flier can be posted at the visitor’s center in Alton. However, we strive to keep event listings tailored to the traveling public and day-trip guests.

Event Details
Type of Event
  • Food & Drink
  • Live Music
  • Haunted
  • Arts & Theater
  • Festivals & Fairs
  • Tours
  • River Cruises
  • Miscellaneous
  • Wildlife & Nature
  • Sports
  • History
  • Underground Railroad
  • Lincoln & Civil War
  • Shuttle Tours
  • Fireworks
  • Holiday Fun
  • Movies Under the Stars
  • Fun With Pets
  • Health & Fitness
  • Farmers Market
  • Shopping for Treasures
  • Eagle Watching
  • Music & Entertainment

Additional Details
  • any season
  • eagle
  • spring
  • summer
  • fall
  • holiday
  • haunted

Venue Details
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Date & Time Details
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