September 4, 5:15pm

Chocolate Lover's Sunset Cruise

Chocolate Lover's Sunset Cruise

Hakuna Matata

215 W. Water St.
Grafton, Illinois 62037

Have you ever noticed there are no recipes for leftover chocolate?
Sunsets and Chocolate! Life is GOOD Tonight!

Chocolate Cocktails Menu
Chocolate Caramel Mississippi Delight $5
Caramel Coffee Boater's Besty $5
Captain Brad's Chocolate Martini $7
Chocolate Wine by the Bottle $12.95 or Glass $5
Iced Coffee Wine by the Bottle $12.95 or Glass $5


Have you ever dreamed of saying your vows aboard a riverboat? Let the romance of the river sway your decision and consider an intimate wedding aboard the Grafton Harbor's riverboat Hakuna Matata…
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