June 11 2022, 7:00pm

Dinner and Spirits - An Evening in a Dark Place

Dinner and Spirits - An Evening in a Dark Place

Mineral Springs Mall

301 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois
Alton, Illinois 62002

  • Admission: $46 per person (includes dinner and book signing)
  • Time: 7:00 PM

Join author Troy Taylor for a night of our “An Evening with…” series of events! This eerie evening will include a catered dinner, served in our private ballroom at the Mineral Springs Mall. After dinner, author Troy Taylor will be presenting “An Evening in a Dark Place,” true accounts of history’s most sinister and terrifying hauntings.
It’s always been said that ghosts don’t really hurt anyone, but sometimes they do! From malevolent spirits to vengeful poltergeists, you’ll be sleeping with the lights on! It’s a night of the scariest stories of ghosts, spirits, and weird manifestations ever revealed. We hope you’ll bring someone with you to hold your hand!

Ghosts and haunted houses can be unnerving under even the best conditions, but what about those rare cases when hauntings become downright terrifying? Throughout history there have been many accounts of angry spirits, vengeful hauntings, and even those that seem to be so frightening that they don’t seem to have been the spirits of people who once lived at all. Although supernatural literature has been riddled with fraud when it comes to these kinds of reports – like the so-called “Amityville Horror” for instance – there still exists a number of true accounts that will make your hair stand on end!

During this unsettling evening, we’ll be offering chilling accounts and delving into haunted history:

The Stratford Poltergeist – America’s earliest case of a violent haunting!

The Bell Witch – when a ghost actually killed one of the people involved in the haunting

The Ouija Board that pointed to Murder!

The Sinister Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm!

The Pennsylvania house believed to be infested with a demon!

What really happened in the house from “The Conjuring?”

And more!

All Dinner and Spirits events will take place in Alton's haunted Mineral Springs Mall ballroom and will be catered. For more haunted tours, dinners, and spooky events see Rivers and Route's events page or visit www.altonhauntings.com


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