June 17 2023, 7:00pm

Dinner and Spirits - Evening with the St. Louis Exorcism

Dinner and Spirits - Evening with the St. Louis Exorcism

Mineral Springs Hotel

301 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois
Alton, Illinois 62002

  • Time: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Join author Troy Taylor for a night of our “An Evening with…” series of events! This eerie night will include a catered dinner, served in our private ballroom at the former hotel. After dinner, author Troy Taylor will be presenting “An Evening with the St. Louis Exorcism,” the true and uncensored story of the infamous St. Louis Exorcism of 1949! The 1949 exorcism that took place in St. Louis, Missouri, has become one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in American history. But is the story so mysterious because of the events that occurred -- or because so much of the story has been kept secret over the years? After the events in the story concluded, it was decided that further investigation of the case was “counterproductive”, and details were buried. The identity of the allegedly possessed boy was hidden to protect his identity. If not for a series of coincidences, the story would have never likely been revealed at all and would never have inspired books, films, documentaries, and more.
It’s been hard to know what’s truth and what’s fiction in this case — until now! Whatever you do, don’t miss this chilling night of terror and truth!

All Dinner and Spirits events will take place at Alton's haunted Mineral Springs Mall in the ballroom and will be catered. For more haunted tours, dinners, and spooky events see Rivers and Route's events page or visit www.altonhauntings.com

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One of the oldest buildings in Alton, the Mineral Springs Hotel mixes the spooky, the spiritual, and the historic into an amalgam of businesses, shops, and events unlike any place in the…
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