May 14, 2022, 7:00pm

Evening with H.H. Holmes

Evening with H.H. Holmes

Mineral Springs Mall

301 E. Broadway
Alton, Illinois 62002

  • Time: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Join Troy and Lisa from American Hauntings at the haunted Mineral Springs Hotel for another night of our “An Evening with…” series of events!

This eerie night will include a catered dinner, served at the hotel, just as they did back in 1914 when the hotel opened. After dinner, author Troy Taylor will be presenting “Murder by Gaslight,” the true story infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes, who created a “Murder Castle” in Chicago during the 1893 World’s Fair and lured an unknown number of victims to their deaths! Discover the horrific life and crimes of Homes, who was dubbed the “Monster of 63rd Street",” and explore the legends that have followed in his wake, from his alleged ties to Jack the Ripper to the “Holmes Curse.” This is a night of history, horror, and hauntings that you don’t want to miss!

Chicago during the Gaslight Era was a place that embodied both the elegance of America’s Gilded Age and the vice, crime and sin of the most corrupt city in the country. During the 1880s and early 1890s, Chicago was home to killers, thieves, gamblers, con artists and whores – and hosted perhaps the greatest World’s Fair in our nation’s history.

It was to this place that a man named H.H. Holmes was drawn like a moth to the flame and Chicago embraced him as one of its own. Charming and dapper, Holmes soon slashed his way into American history with devious schemes, unconscionable swindles – and bloody murders. Killing for profit and convenience, he claimed an unknown number of victims with his infamous “Murder Castle” on the city’s South Side, a grandiose monstrosity that was filled with trapdoors, winding passages, secret doors and staircases, torture chambers, a crematorium, and worse. Then, finally on the run from the law, he left a trail of corpses behind him before his past crimes finally caught up with him and led to what the newspapers called the “Trial of the Century.”

In this spellbinding presentation, author Troy Taylor tackles the chilling tale of H.H. Holmes, cutting through the myths and exaggerations that have plagued the strange story for years and presenting a clear and concise account of Holmes’ murders, his swindles, his confessions, and the myriad of lies that effortlessly spilled from his lips.

How many people did Holmes really kill?
Who was the intrepid detective that finally brought about his downfall?
And did a supernatural curse really surround those who sent Holmes to the gallows?