October 22, 7:00pm

Ghoul Tour at McPike Mansion

Ghoul Tour at McPike Mansion

McPike Mansion

2018 Alby Street
Alton, Illinois 62002

Learn the history of the McPike Mansion and take a look at the documented photos of the mansion and paranormal activity. Then, take a tour of the surrounding grounds and the crypt. Talking with the spirits with Dowsing rods and join us for a dark session in the cellar with our experienced medium. Tour lasts approximately 90 minutes. All proceeds go toward the restoration of the mansion. There will be something special planned for each tour. For more information, contact Sharyn at (618) 830-2179.


When just about any native of the Alton area thinks of a haunted house, normally one name comes to mind - the infamous McPike Mansion. Thousands of visitors and paranormal investigators have…
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