March 24 2023, 6:30pm

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Pere Marquette Lodge

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Pere Marquette Lodge

Pere Marquette Lodge

13653 Lodge Blvd.
Grafton, Illinois 62037

This interactive dinner theater show will have you laughing from beginning to end! You can choose to be the star of the show or just sit back and enjoy! FYI: No one is forced to play a part! Only willing audience members are selected.
Tickets are $50 per person and include the show, Marquette Lodge's famous fried chicken dinner buffet, tea/water service, tax and gratuity.

* For reservations, call Arielle at 618-786-2331, extension 338!

The Theme?

Welcome to the 1920’s where bathtubs were only made for one thing…to make gin! Okay, maybe two things.
Lots of gangsters are showing up at “Cherry’s Speakeasy” to talk about the turf war going on between the Corneolis’ and the Buttafuccos. Just when we think things are going to settle down, in comes Harry Hyde, (the famous Russian mobster). He sure does know how to make enemies! Deadly ones!

I guess the local constable, Doyle Lonnegan, will come and solve the crime, but not before things get pretty wild! You’ll meet crazy characters like Red E. Mix, (the local concrete salesman), Trixie, (the owner of Cherry’s) and many others before we find out who put “da finger” on Harry’s Hyde! Was it Larry, The Rug? Was it Joey, The Lips? Or maybe, J Edna Hoover? Come find out on March 24!

* Show ran by Jest Mysteries