Welcome to Calhoun County

Nestled between the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, Calhoun County offers refreshing scenic drives, wildlife refuges, and some of the most bountiful orchards and delicious and fruit grown in Illinois. A visit to Calhoun County opens up a whole new world of adventure.

Settled in the early 1800s, Calhoun County is a narrow pennisula of mostly high ground. The county is accessed by crossing the Illinois River using either the Burssels Ferry or the Kampsville Ferry, both of which are free. Crossing the Mississippi River, visitors can take the Golden Eagle Ferry for a fee. The Joe Page Lift Bridge in Hardin is the only bridge access to the county.

The county features miles of rolling hills and farmland juxtaposed against limestone bluffs jutting out as a backdrop to the lush fields. This rural stretch of land is dotted with historic communities, peach orchards, apple orchards, pumpkin patches and rich farmland. Visitors travel for miles in July for luscious juicy sweet Calhoun County Peaches. In the fall, apples of every variety can be found during the months of September and October.

As you drive along through Calhoun County, the heritage of its small towns and their early settlers is celebrated on the sides of barns. The Calhoun County Barn Quilts Tour features more than 85 quilt blocks hand-painted on the side of both barns scattered along the countryside. Each quilt block represents a replica of a block from a family heirloom quilt or a symbol representing the family. Quilts can be found throughout the county.



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