2019 Great River Road Flood Conditions


 (Downtown Alton. Photo by Scott Evers)

Warm Spring temperatures, melting snow and heavy rainfall means rising river waters. Historic river crests have occurred along the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri rivers and but the good news is river levels are nearly back to normal and river communities are back open for business!

Plan your trip to the Great Rivers & Routes region using the information below:


Last updated July 15, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.
To ensure safe travels click here for updates on river levels.


OPEN: Great River Road (Route 100)

CLOSED: Lincoln Shields Access Road in West Alton and outer U.S. 67 road to Riverlands Way

OPEN:  Riverlands Way, West Alton, MO

OPEN: County Highway 2 to Crooked Creek Road in Mozier

CLOSED: Joe Page Bridge, Hardin



Take another route to Pere Marquette State Park during high waters.


Brussels Ferry is OPEN

Golden Eagle Ferry is CLOSED

The Winfield Ferry is CLOSED

The Grafton Ferry is CLOSED






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(Photo by Scott Evers)

River Levels at Alton
The Mississippi River crested at 39.1 feet Sunday, June 9. Water levels are currently at 24.6 feet and in the minor flood category.


Flood Impact

42.7: Record Level reached Aug. 1, 1993

40 Feet: Railroad tracks from Wood River to Alton begin to flood.

37.1 Feet: Damages begins at Ardent Mills in Alton within a foot of this height.

36.1 Feet: Height of the Lincoln Shields levee just below the Missouri side of the Clark Bridge.

35.3 Feet: At this level, Melvin Price Locks & Dam will close to navigation. This last occurred on July 10, 1993.

34.2 Feet: Near this height water will begin flowing over Riverlands Way between U.S. 67 and Mel Price Locks & Dam.

32.9 Feet: Riverfront Park begins flooding.
31.5 Feet: Commercial basements in Alton begin to flood.
29.9 Feet: Great River Road in Alton closes.
28.8 Feet: Great River Road begins flooding at Clifton Terrace.
25 Feet: Access road to Lincoln Shields area begins flooding
21 Feet: Flood stage. Minor flood begins.

River Levels at Grafton

The Mississippi River crested at 35.17 feet Friday, June 7. Water levels are currently at 22.3 feet which is considered minor flooding.


Flood Impact

38.2 Feet: 1993 Record

32.1 Feet: Methodist Church at Main Street and Vine Streets begins flooding.

30.1 Feet: Water reaches the intersection of Main Street and Maple Street

29.1 Feet: Water reaches Main Street at Church Street.

29 Feet: Route 100 between Grafton and Alton at Clifton Terraces is flooded at this height.

28.4 Feet: Water reaches Main Street at the Visitors Center

28.3 Feet: The intersection at Great River Road and Main Street floods.
26.4 Feet: Residential flooding in Grafton occurs.
25.5 Feet: Brussels Ferry closes near this height. O’Jan’s Fish Stand in Grafton closes near this height.
24.7 Feet: City of Grafton closes Route 100 near Evans Street. Also at this level, the Catholic Church parking lot at Main & Evans begins flooding. This represents the lowest point on Main Street in Grafton.
24 Feet: Route 100 begins flooding at Chautauqua and Elsah.
21.9 Feet: In northern St. Charles County, Grafton Ferry Road is closed.

River Levels at Hardin

The Illinois River at Hardin crested at 40.24 feet Friday, June 7. The river level is now 28.2 feet.


Flood Impact
34 Feet: Route 100 is flooded north of Hardin.
33.79 Feet: Route 96 is overtopped in Kampsville.
32.7 Feet: Kampsville Inn begins flooding.
32 Feet: Water Street in Hardin begins flooding.
25 Feet: Flood stage

(All information provided by the NOAA)

Why would the road be closed?
One of the many signatures of spring,  summer, and fall in this region is the rising of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Every couple of years, heavy rains lead to the swelling of the river beyond its banks. This year happens to be one of those years.

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Can you still drive and ride along the scenic byway?
No. The scenic byway between Alton and Grafton is currently closed.
Are the events scheduled for this weekend still happening?
Please check our events calendar at VisitAlton.com or RiversandRoutes.com for complete event details.
Is it okay to plan a trip?  Will the businesses be open?
We hope that this little "bump in the road" won't stop you from visiting us all around Alton. This is the prime season to roll the windows down, relax and enjoy the drive! The riverside restaurants and wineries in Grafton are calling your name. Grab your bike or hiking shoes for an adventure you won't soon forget at Pere Marquette State Park.  There is no better time than the present to getaway!

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If you have additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask us a question by chatting with us by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right-hand corner of this page. You can also call the Alton Visitor Center at (800) 258-6645.

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