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Doughboy Statue

4445 Alby St., Alton, IL 62002

(618) 465-6676

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Red Diamonds

E.M. Viquesney’s the Spirit of the American Doughboy bronze memorial statue can be found in 39 states across the nation.  The statue depicts a young American soldier from World War I, in full combat uniform, raising a fist triumphantly in the sky to proclaim victory.  These statues were among the very first mass produced memorials on record. 
The Doughboy Statue in Alton was erected to commemorate the patriotism and devotion of the Alton citizens that served in World War I.  The statue was originally dedicated on November 11, 1922, and was erected with funds raised by the East End Improvement Association.    Along the base, plaques recognize those who gave their lives during World War I, locations of the 13 WWI battle sites, and an Abraham Lincoln Quote.  An additional plaque has been added in front of the memorial to recognize the local heroes who lost their lives during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  


Red Diamonds