Located at the confluence of three great American rivers – the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri – the region is picturesque with stunning bluffs, quaint villages, rolling countryside, abundant wildlife and charming residents. The cities and towns "all around Alton" are part of Northern Madison, Jersey and Calhoun counties, as well as the 33-mile Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway.

Each byway community has scenic and historic qualities unique to their location. Alton is known for its gracious historic homes perched high on the bluffs, abundant historic sites and antique shops lining the downtown streets within view of the river. Located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, Grafton's narrow Main Street bordered by specialty shops, a marina, flea market, and historic hotel capture the essence of a charming river town. Known as the "village where time stood still," the village of Elsah is one of the byway's most picturesque communities.

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Often referred to as the "village where time stood still," get ready to turn back the...


Hartford sits at the southernmost part of the byway and is often a starting point for many byway...

Wood River

The history of Wood River dates back to the early 1800s and the encampment of Lewis & Clark. On...