Coasting Down Aerie's Alpine Track

Zip through the Grafton hills on Aerie’s Resort’s sight-seeing adrenaline ride: the Aerie’s Alpine Coaster!

A Ride Like No Other

See Grafton like never before on 3,010 feet of stainless steel rail twisting through scenic Midwestern woodland- As one of the only alpine coasters in the Midwest and the only in Illinois, Aerie’s Alpine Coaster is one extremely fun way to explore the river bluffs of Grafton.!

Built on the slopes of the Aerie’s Resort property, Aerie’s Alpine Coaster, takes advantage of the natural terrain, winding through hickory and oak forest, rock formations, and past sweeping views of the wild Mississippi River. Riders are propelled down the track at speeds of up to 28 miles per hour using nothing but gravity and can control their speed using two brake handles on either side of each sled as they spiral through multiple hairpin turns, waves, and twists.

After the ride down, Aerie’s coaster sleds are pulled to the top on a relaxing ride up 875 feet of track back to the main platform where riders can either take another ride down or stop for lunch at The Terrace at Aerie’s Resort or journey back down the hill on the Grafton SkyTour.

A Year Round Experience

The unique coaster was designed and handcrafted by renowned Wiegand Sports GmbH of Germany and shipped directly from Europe after careful planning with Aerie’s Resort. Alpine coasters rely on gravitational forces to send riders down the track and are environmentally friendly rides that focus on the native landscape and embrace green spaces.

Each sled of the Aerie’s Alpine Coaster can hold one adult and one small child and costs $15 for one ride or $28 for three rides. Each additional tandem passenger adds $10 to your ticket. Aerie’s Alpine Coaster is open throughout the year- even in snow! Visit the coaster to see all four distinct seasons of the region- from the dramatic multicolor leaves of fall to the thick greens of summer- Aerie’s Alpine Coaster is an exhilarating ride from start to finish!

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