Visitors to Godfrey will enjoy its eclectic mix of shops, tea-rooms and restaurants.

Nature enthusiasts fall in love with Godfrey's scenic views and rolling hills, which are filled with nature trails and preserves.


The town of Godfrey was founded in 1832 by Captain Benjamin Godrey, a father of 8 daughters and an advocate of education and in particular, female education.

Godfrey Maze | Great Rivers & Routes
Godfrey's famous maze

Godfrey, Today

Godfrey's scenic views and nearby parks and preserves appeal to nature lovers. In the fall, visitors can "Get Lost in Godfrey" at the ever popular 2.4 mile Great Godfrey Maze.

The Nature Institute (TNI) is a non-profit land conservation and environmental education organization based in Godfrey, IL. Since its founding in 1980, The Nature Institute's board and staff have worked to foster…
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Bakers and Hale knows food doesn’t get fresher than farm-to-table. Focusing on local, seasonal produce, cheese, and meats- with an on-site garden providing food grown directly where it is served- Bakers and…
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