Macoupin County

Tucked between the Illinois state capitol and lively hustle and bustle of downtown St. Louis, you’ll find Macoupin County. This sprawling county is steeped in intriguing history, outdoor adventure, delectable food, interesting architecture and quirky roadside attractions. Historic Route 66 hugs the eastern border of the county providing easy access to sightseeing opportunities. Discover everything from vintage gas stations and old-fashioned soda fountains to trendy shops and eateries. Macoupin County seamlessly combines old and new for an unforgettable experience. 

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The county seat of Macoupin County, Carlinville has nearly as many historic sites as it does unique and interesting shops, restaurants and attractions. The Carlinville Historic District includes the Macoupin County Jail, Million Dollar Courthouse, and the largest collection of Sears & Roebuck mail-order homes in the U.S.

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Henry’s Rabbit Ranch in Staunton is among the most eclectic places anywhere along historic Route 66, a tribute to rabbits (the furry kind) and also Rabbits (the Volkswagen kind). Country Classic Cars features a wide variety of old-school automobiles you can see from the interstate.