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From the confluence of America’s three great rivers to the quirky nostalgia of America’s Mother road, the Great Rivers & Routes region has thousands of stories to tell.

There is only one place to find giant pink elephants and rascally rabbits, vintage gas stations and authentic soda fountains. Look no further than the 60 miles stretch of Route 66 from just south of Springfield, Il to St. Louis.

On the hunt for unparalleled scenic beauty? There is no better place to drink in the majestic Mississippi River than driving along the Great River Road. With the ever-changing river on one side of the road and soaring limestone bluffs on the other this drive is the most striking stretch of roadway in the United States. The region is the birthplace of America’s great westward explorations and the tallest man in the world. It is home to Abraham Lincoln’s legacy and a man-eating dragon.

Sky tours and ziplines. Vintage cafes and outdoor drive-in theaters. It’s not difficult to craft a great story with words, photos, and video.

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