Where the Mother Road meets the Great River Road!

There is only one place in America where two of our nation’s great roadways come together alongside the confluence of America’s three great rivers. And that is right here in the Great Rivers and Routes region of Southwest Illinois. Journey down historic Route 66 from Virden to just outside St. Louis to meet the miners, mobsters and characters that infuse the small towns along the way. Then hop on to the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway to experience the majesty of the confluence of the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Begin your celebration of America’s great roads and rivers today!

Trip Ideas

Enjoy the best Great Rivers and Routes has to offer with these tailored itineraries.

What’s Happening

They’re Back!

Trumpeter Swans Return to Their Winter Home

Great Rivers & Routes - What’s Happening

‘Tis the Season!

Celebrate the holidays with parades, opera and more!

Great Rivers & Routes - What’s Happening

Take a Walk Through History

Explore the lasting legacies of Abraham Lincoln

Great Rivers & Routes - What’s Happening

Eagle Season is Here!

Discover top eagle hotspots in the region

Great Rivers & Routes - What’s Happening
CHS Choirs Opera Concert
Collinsville - Dec. 14
The Swans of Riverlands
West Alton - Dec. 15
Bethalto Christmas Village
Bethalto - Dec. 15
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Great Rivers & Routes - Trip Ideas
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Beautiful gardens, miles of trails and scenic stretches of road lead to delectable dining throughout Great Rivers and Routes. Find your perfect itinerary here.

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Great Rivers & Routes - Communities
Featured Community Spotlight

Discover small town charm, history at its best and scenic vistas where the Mother Road meets the Great River Road.

Great Rivers & Routes - Seasons
Travel Scenic Routes & Rivers

Find your great escape all year long along Route 66 and the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway.

Explore Great Rivers and Routes

From the Mother Road to the Great River Road, experience the heart of our communities.

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