Find your way in the Great Rivers & Routes region with a downloadable map. Your exploration of the region just got a whole lot easier!

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Jerseyville Map

Named for the many early settlers who migrated here from New Jersey, Jerseyville is the county seat for Jersey County. The downtown shopping district is a reminder of days long past. Fine Country dining can be found here, and festivals and fairs are held throughout the year.

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Byway Map

Travel the byway from Hartford to Alton to Pere Marquette. Click here for the official Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway map.

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Boating On The Byway

The meeting of the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois rivers provides a water-lover's paradise. The boater's map to the byway and river offers hints and tips to enjoy your time on the river.

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Regional Attractions Map

Historic sites and museums can be found throughout the region. Click here for a map of the various, as well as basic street map of the City of Alton.

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Homer Adams Parkway

Homer Adams Parkway is one of the main throughways in Alton. On this five-mile stretch, you can find lodging, dining, shopping, recreation and much more.

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Downtown Alton Map

Navigate your way around Downtown Alton with a complete listing of shops, restaurants, lodging and must-see attractions.

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Grafton Map

People from all over are welcome to celebrate the hometown flavor and down-to-earth qualities of this river town. Gift shops, antique stores, wineries, guest houses, "hot fish" sandwich stands and the famous Ruebel Hotel line the Main Street and riverfront.