Let's Go on an Abraham Lincoln Scavenger Hunt

Explore the lasting legacies of Abraham Lincoln in Alton on this scavenger hunt and win a prize!

Abraham Lincoln spent time in the riverfront community of Alton. Discover his lasting legacies on this historical scavenger hunt.

Travel with Lincoln Scavenger Hunt

Walk in the footsteps of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln and explore his lasting legacies in Alton.

Each clue on the scavenger hunt will lead you to the next stop on the Walk with Lincoln Tour. Listen closely to each audio segment to learn the answers to the questions below. Take a picture with your Flat Lincoln -- pick up one at the Alton Visitor Center -- download one or create your own Flat Lincoln here in order to win a prize. Bring your completed scavenger hunt to the Alton Visitor Center to claim your prize! Be sure to post your photos on Facebook and tag #riversandroutes! You can download a copy of the Scavenger Hunt here.

To get started -- download your free Walk with Lincoln Mobile Passport here. Let the hunt begin!

First stop on your hunt!

Stop #1 (After leaving the Alton Visitor Center)

The start of this hunt begins nearby, look around and what do you spy? We'll begin with a clue to help you!

At this historical spot, "Honest Abe" and the "Little Giant" discuss a hot political top of the day -- slavery. Where does our scavenger hunt begin?

Solve this question: After listening to the audio portion of the tour, what was "Honest Abe" fighting for? What was the outcome of the debate?

Where is this?

Stop #2

At the next spot, you can find something sweet but you'll also meet one of Abraham Lincoln's friends. This historic building is named after a man who played an active role in the Alton community. Abraham Lincoln also represented this man in a variety of legal issues.

Question: Which president did Abraham Lincoln deliver a speech for here in 1840? Which floor did he deliver it on?

Stop #3

We are all very familiar with the term "Quarantine" after the last two years. The next stop on your Walking with Lincoln Scavenger Hunt will take you to a spot named after a contagious disease that affected many during the 1800's. The spot you are looking for is called _______________ Island.

Question: What was the original name for this island?

Monument to Elijah P. Lovejoy

Stop #4

This man stood up for others when they couldn't do it themselves. His words eventually made him a martyr to the cause of liberty. Three times people sunk the tools of his trade and on the fourth he lost his life.

Question: What was the name of Lovejoy's newspaper?

Stop #5

Dappled across the country, they number 125. They honor those who fought and died. Walk in memory among the white crosses where over 500 warriors now rest.

Question: When did Alton's National Cemetery come into existence.

Haskell Park on the corner of Henry and 12th Streets, Alton

Stop #6

A friend of the working man and Abraham Lincoln, this politician authored the baker's dozen of amendments. He switched parties five times in his life, helped to author many important documents of American history, and served as a lawyer, judge and U.S. Senator. This influential politician lived in a small white house off Henry Street in Alton.

Question: What architectural style was Lyman Trumbull's Alton home?

Alton's Confederate Monument

Stop #7

Holding slavery and state's rights above all, these men fought in a war pinning brother against brother. Captured and imprisoned, illness took the lives of many who dwell in this place. It is one of the very few in the north and one of only 14 nationally recognized in the country.

Question: How many soldiers names are listed on this monument?

Alton Federal Military Prison

Stop #8

Men languished here in illness and misery, captured and awaiting liberty. This place once housed criminals and later became a place to keep rebellious brothers. Not much exists now but a stony corner and several ghosts who wander.

The Franklin House

Stop #9

Make your way to State Street for this next spot. Kick up your feet and get a bite to eat! Many came to this location in the 1840's and 50's to find rest in one of the largest and finest hotels in Alton. Lincoln was quite the entertainer and would often share a meal with his supporters in the dining room on the second floor of the building.

If you have time, pop into a nearby restaurant and take a photo of you dining with Lincoln!

Stop #10

With great sadness this scavenger hunt must come to an end as we say 'goodbye' to our dear friend. Th story of a great man lives on forever -- such is the story of one of the United States' greatest leaders -- a man of integrity, a great orator, and a catalyst in the fight to unify the citizen of America. Thin and tall and recognized by his tall black top hate and tailcoat, he remains one of the most important figures to come from the State of Illinois.

Question: On what date did Lincoln's funeral procession arrive at the Chicago and Alton station in Springfield, IL?

Replica of the Lincoln hearse in Alton