The Official Guide to Alton Hauntings Tours

Believers and skeptics seeking spine-tingling orbs, shadowy figures, unnerving noises, and unexplained phenomena flock to Alton Hauntings for their renowned ghost hunts, tours, and tales.

The founder of this award-winning tour company is Troy Taylor, author of the book “Haunted Alton”. With an extensive knowledge of the Rivers and Routes region’s unsettling history, Alton Hauntings guides daring guests through the area’s most chilling places year-round.

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The Haunted History of Alton, Illinois:

Why is Alton, Illinois regarded as one of the most haunted small towns in America? Featured in television shows and referred to by Mark Twain as a “dismal little river town,” Alton saw more than its fair share of depression, disease, disaster, murder, and war in its earlier years. Learn how the tragic events of the past led to the hauntings that the town is famous for today on a tour with Alton Hauntings.

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Alton Hauntings’ Offerings

Haunted History Walking Tour:

An acclaimed, 3-hour walking tour and ghost experience that explores the old downtown of Alton, exploring several undisclosed locations during the tour.

Ghost Hunts at the Mineral Springs Hotel:

Gain access to the inside of the Mineral Springs Hotel late at night and experience the unexplainable while searching for evidence of lingering spirits on this ghost hunt! Hear the legends behind the hotel’s haunted history and discover how the Mineral Springs Hotel earned its paranormal reputation.

Dinner and Spirits Tours with Troy Taylor:

Spirits of Alton:

The night starts with dinner at the Bluff City in Alton, followed by an eerie bus tour with spooky stories of Alton’s haunted locales, taking you where no other tour can!

Ghosts of the River Road Dinner Tour:

Begin the evening with dinner at the Bluff City Grill in Alton, followed by a haunted bus ride along the River Road, discovering tales and hauntings following the Mississippi River with dark stories, creepy locations, and a stop for drinks at a legendary haunt!

Great River Haunting Dinner Tour:

Departing from the Mineral Springs Hotel, uncover the mysteries of the region including the Piasa Bird and various haunted houses from Alton to Grafton. Then unwind with a feast at the Pere Marquette Lodge for a famous, family-style fried chicken dinner!

Alton Hauntings’ Bus Tour:

A great option for guests with mobility restrictions, bus tours visit all of the sites included in the Haunted History Walking Tour, with stops at many locations for deeper investigations.

Private Tours:

Alton Hauntings offers private tours for groups and those looking for intimate spooky adventures. The most popular options include the Alton Hauntings Walking Tour, the Ghost Hunter's Tour, & Step-on Guide Tours for groups with their own vehicle/bus.

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Tours by Season


  • Haunted History Walking Tour (beginning in April)
  • Dinner and Spirits Tours
  • Private Tours


  • Haunted History Walking Tour
  • Dinner and Spirits Tours
  • Private Tours


  • Haunted History Walking Tour (offered through November)
  • The Alton Hauntings Bus Tour
  • Dinner and Spirits Tours
  • Private Tours


  • Dinner and Spirits Tours
  • Private Tours

Tickets & Booking

Be sure to book in advance for all fall tours as availability is limited due to overwhelming interest during the Halloween season.

Experience the supernatural year-round in the Rivers & Routes region with Alton Hauntings and let adrenaline-fueled adventures turn you into a believer. Book your tour to unlock the doors of historic haunted houses and investigate Alton’s mysteries – the spirits can’t wait to meet you.

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