Where to Find the Best Barn Quilts in Calhoun County

The Calhoun County Barn Quilt Project began in 2008 as a community-based effort to promote and preserve the agricultural and rural heritage of Calhoun County. The county’s unique geography lends itself to agritourism, and the project is geared to stimulate the economy without sacrificing the natural beauty and rich heritage our residents cherish.

The quilts and barns represent the women and men who settled this county. Many of the present residents are direct descendants. The outdoor paintings are huge quilt blocks, hand-painted, usually from an original quilt owned by a family or a selected block inspired by a family member or event. Local artists and volunteers created the quilt blocks making the project a community effort.

Calhoun County holds many family-owned farms with barns that are a century old or older. The Barn Quilt Project hopes to promote an awareness of these barns and prevent their disappearance from our landscape. Each barn has a unique appearance, history, and purpose.

Traveling through Calhoun County, eighty-two quilt blocks created by volunteers involved with the Barn Quilt Project are visible on barns and businesses. Other, privately created, are also displayed throughout the county.

While the Barn Quilt Tour can be used as a year-round self-guided tour. Visitors are asked to please be respectful of private property and remain on public roads where barn quilts are visible.

For more information on the Calhoun County "Quilts, Barns & More Tour" please contact the Calhoun Visitors Center at (618) 883-2032 or contact Terry and Robbie Strauch at (618) 232-1268.

Download your Calhoun County Barn Quilt Map here!