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Evening Among the Missing

301 E. Broadway, Alton, IL 62002

  • Presented By: American Hauntings
  • Dates: August 8, 2020
  • Location: Mineral Springs Mall
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Price: $42 per person

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Red Diamonds

Join Troy and Lisa from American Hauntings at the haunted Mineral Springs Hotel for another night of our “An Evening with…” series of events! This eerie night will include a catered dinner, served at the hotel, just as they did back in 1914 when the hotel opened. After dinner, author Troy Taylor will be presenting “An Evening Among the Missing,” a chilling look at unsolved disappearances, supernatural vanishings, and those who simply went missing without a trace!

History is filled with mysterious vanishings — from famous people to the ordinary folks — who disappear one day, never to return. In America, it is said that as many as 10 million people go missing every year. The vast majority return home in hours or days but there are others who vanish forever. How does it happen? How do people, ships. airplanes, and entire groups disappear without a trace? Some can be blamed on the weather, or on crime, or just plain bad luck but what of the vanishings for which no logical explanation exists?

We are all fascinated by a puzzle that cannot be solved. We collect and read murder mysteries, stories of ghosts and hauntings, and collections of the unexplained. But real life is not like fiction. In a fictional mystery, the detective always solves the case in the final pages of the book. Real life, though, is not so simple. There are many mysteries that cannot be solved — especially when it comes to those who disappear without a trace.

Join us for this eerie night as as Troy Taylor delves into the shadowy world of unsolved disappearances – people who vanished without a trace and were never seen again! These weird tales run the gamut of the terrifying and the bizarre and include crime victims, ships and people vanished at sea, outdoor disappearances, and cases that cannot be anything other than supernatural in nature! It’s a night that’s going to leave you scratching your head — and feeling a little nervous when you go home at the end of the night. If it can happen to them, why couldn’t it happen to you?

Chilling cases that will be explored include:
* The Lost Colony of Roanoke
* The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
* Ambrose Bierce — Writer of Mysteries who Became One
* Glen and Bessie Hyde and the Grand Canyon
* The Vanishing of Everett Reuss
* Plus, Glen Miller, the “Vanished Housewife,” The Long Trail,Amelia Earhart, and More!

This is a night that you DO NOT want to miss!


Red Diamonds