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Mineral Springs Mall

301 E. Broadway, Alton, IL 62002

(618) 465-3200

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Red Diamonds

One of the oldest and most historical buildings in the Alton area is the Mineral Springs Mall. The building was built in 1914 by the Luer brothers, who originally intended it to be an ice house for their meat packing business. Soon after, they discovered a natural spring when drilling into the bedrock. This gave them the idea for a Hotel and Spa.


The hotel was famous for its “healing” spring water, large swimming pools and ballroom. Over the years, the hotel and spa has transformed into a tobacco shop, a place for business men to hold meetings and is now the Mineral Springs Mall.


There is a variety of antique and collectable shops, including the In-Zone Barber Shop and Something Simple Something Grand. Stop by to pick up some fun knick-knacks! 


Red Diamonds