Barn Storming Calhoun County

Take part in a barn stormin’ of Calhoun County on a barn quilt tour where the pride of their heritage can be seen on barns throughout the county.

This one to two day tour includes stops at a few of the roadside stands along the way plus a visit to the Center for American Archeology in Kampsville.

Barn Quilts

Explore Calhoun History while taking a self-guided driving tour of over 80 quilt blocks displayed on barns and buildings throughout the county. Each quilt block is painted with a pattern from a family quilt representing the history of residents who settled Calhoun.

There are three trails to choose from that guide you along various points of interest. The quilts and barns are on display all year and can be viewed from public roadways.

You can reach Calhoun County by taking a relaxing ride across the Illinois River on the Brussels Ferry. Make sure to stop at some of the roadside orchards to pick up fresh produce and fruits during the late spring to late fall season. Calhoun is known for its juicy, ripe peaches and apples.

Travel back to Hardin and cross the Illinois River on Joe Page Bridge. This is a lift bridge with a lift span of 308 feet, 9 inches. Just at the foot of the bridge is one more roadside market.