Fusion Fitness & Aquatics

Fusion Fitness & Aquatics

1210 E Tremont St
Hillsboro, Illinois 62049

  • Phone: (217) 532-3896
  • Fax: (217) 532-3908
  • Hours:
    Monday - Thursday: 5am-8pm
    Friday: 5am-7pm
    Saturday: 7am-6pm
    Sunday: 10am-5pm

Live your best active life at Fusion Fitness & Aquatics Center! Fusion Fitness has an extensive aquatics facility, a free weight-lifting gym, a cardio gym, walking track, half-court gym, a party/conference room, and offers swim lessons, personal training, and fitness classes! The gym and aquatics center has ADA accessible facilities, locker rooms, showers and restrooms. Sore after your workout? Fusion Fitness has a massage parlor to work out all your knots!

Free Weight Room

A free-weight room on the facility's upper level offers a wide range of barbells and resistant-weight equipment used for everything from muscle-toning repetitions to power lifting.
An on-site personal trainer is available to teach you the proper use of the free weights and muscle strengthening equipment.
*No one under age 16 is allowed to use the free weights.

Cardio Fitness Room

The Cardio/Fitness room offers a variety of cardio machines -- including treadmills, stair steppers and stationary bikes -- plus muscle strengthening and toning equipment.
Our on-site personal trainer and other staff are available to teach you the proper use of each machine.
Youths ages 10-15 are allowed in the Cardio/Fitness room after a special orientation by a Fusion personal trainer. A supervising adult (age 18 and over) must be in the room with them at all times.
*Children 9 & under are not allowed in the Cardio/Fitness room.

Aquatic Center

The indoor aquatics facility consists of four features:

Lap Pool - 4 lanes, 25 yards each, ranging in depth from 3'6" to 6'. Swimming 70.4 lengths of pool equals one mile.

Children's Interactive Play Area - includes a double slide, fountains and sprayers. Area is 1 foot in depth.

Resistance River - Swim or walk against a strong current for exercise (58 laps = one mile) or relax, walk or float on the "lazy river."

Vortex - This circular vortex provides swirling, twirling aquatic fun as well as added resistance for physical therapy and exercise. Only strong swimmers are allowed in the vortex.

*A certified lifeguard is on duty at all times.

*Children age 6 and under must be supervised by an adult (18 or older) who is in the water with them.

*Ages 7-15 may be in the pool area as long as a supervising adult (18 and older) is in the facility. (The lobby counts as the facility.)

Half-Court Gym

The half-court gymnasium is equipped with a regulation basketball goal and a portable, adjustable-height goal for younger players. The gym can quickly be converted to a regulation size volleyball, badminton or Pickle-Ball court, and a variety of equipment for active play and games is available.

The gym may be rented out to members in one-hour increments and can be reserved by the member and up to 16 guests. The $20/hour fee must be paid in advance when reservations are made at the front desk.

*Children ages 1-11 may use the gym only while supervised by an adult (age 18 and older). Ages 12-15 may use the gym when a supervising adult is present in the facility, which includes the lobby area.