July 6 2024, 7:00am

Mississippi Water Trail Firecracker Race 2024

Mississippi Water Trail Firecracker Race 2024

Grafton to Alton on the Mississippi River

After a four-year hiatus, The Firecracker Race will once again be held on the Mississippi River on July 6, 2024 at 9 AM! Sponsored by the Mississippi River Water Trail, the paddling community is invited to come out and race on the river between Grafton and Alton, a route spanning roughly 15 miles! The event begins at 9 AM with a mandatory safety meeting with the race to start at 9:30 AM in Grafton. Racers will meet at the Alton Amphitheater with an awards ceremony to follow at 3:30 PM at the Mississippi Earthtones Festival. Bring your canoe or kayak and participate in this fun fundraiser that helps the MRWT Association increase access to the Mississippi River!

Event Cost:

Solo non-ACA member: $50
Solo ACA member: $40
Team/Tandem non-ACA member: $40
Team/Tandem ACA member: $30