Calhoun County peaches

It's time! Calhoun County peaches are in season and be sure to pick up a peck or two at area growers.

Peach cobbler, peach tart, peach tea, peach ice cream, peach jam whatever the craving, the juiciest peaches to eat are Calhoun County’s. Calhoun County is famous for its tree-ripened peaches and once you take a nice juicy bite you will understand.

Calhoun Peaches

Area farmers markets are great locations to find your favorite Calhoun County peaches

Odelehr’s Peaches

Calhoun County is situated between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, creating a micro climate that helps peach trees thrive. During the summer there are many vendors and farmers that offer roadside peaches or market peaches. Because of COVID-19 many of these vendors are asking that those who come wear a mask and try not to touch all the produce.

The Alton Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market provides a spot for farmers to sell their delicious peaches on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings on Alton's riverfront. Peach season is relatively brief and runs from July to early September, so get them while you can!

Odelehr’s has been practicing safety measures to help keep the spread of germs down by asking for everyone to wear masks and to not touch the produce. Right now, they have homemade ice cream fresh from their newly picked peaches.

“The rolling hills, dirt, and how close we are to the river makes our peaches so much more delicious than any average peach,” said Sandy Odeleher. Now you can put it to the test.

Peach Sorbet

Try some peach sorbet or ice cream.

Hagen’s Peach Ice Cream and Sorbet

Right by Brussels is Jacob’s Orchard and Farm where you can stop by and get a variety of peaches and jams made fresh from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Just three miles from the Brussels free ferry is the Hagen Family Orchard which is a family owned farm that has been in business for over 80 years. They have perfected their harvesting skills and can assure that their peaches are spectacular.

Pick Your Own Peaches

Pick your own peaches at Eckert's Orchard in Grafton

Eckert’s Country Store and Farm

Don’t let COVID-19 discourage you when visiting the popular Eckert’s Country Store and Farm in Grafton and Belleville. Eckert’s is still allowing the authentic pick-your-own peaches but with a limit to the amount of people. To secure your spot go online and pick a time slot for you and your family to experience a very interesting and fun way to buy peaches. Visit their website for information on selecting, buying and storing your peaches.


Peaches in the region

There are plenty of peach growers and roadside stands in the region. Discover your vavorite today.

Pearson’s Produce

Another vender offering mouth-watering peaches from Calhoun County is Godfrey’s Pearson’s Produce. Pearson’s has a large amount of fresh produce but they just recently, within the past few years, started selling Calhoun peaches. They are located right off of interstate 255 which could be an easy drive for anyone craving those specially grown peaches.
There are many different spots that offer these delicious peaches and once you try one of Calhoun County’s peaches you will never go back. So get out, buy some and remember, stay safe!

Calhoun County Peach Growers and Sellers