Things to Do in Edwardsville

Edwardsville combines the natural beauty of the Midwest with the exciting hustle and bustle of city life like few can.

Take a day and relax at one of the city’s picturesque parks, have lunch at a sidewalk café on Main Street or pick up a few things – or more than a few things – at the various retail stores spread throughout town. In town for a night, a weekend or planning to stay a while, Edwardsville has enough to keep you entertained for the duration of your stay.


Downtown Edwardsville looks like something out of a movie – because it is! The downtown setting is so scenic that it has been the backdrop for multiple Hollywood film scenes. One needs look no further than the blocks of storefronts that house coffee shops, artisan bakeries, craft breweries and boutique clothing stores to see why it is the ideal setting for any outing. On Saturday mornings from May to October, downtown is also the home of the Land of Goshen Community Market, where all sorts of locally grown produce, handmade items and specialty crafts can be found. Park the car, get out and walk and explore all the joys of downtown Edwardsville!

Be sure to visit the historic Wildey Theatre while downtown. The Wildey Theatre is a premier gathering spot for cultural events along Route 66. It first opened in 1909, the theatre served as an opera house that hosted concerts, dance performances and movies. In 1984, the Wildey closed as a full-time movie theater and was named a "local landmark" a few years later. Since then, the city has renovated the theater back to its original glory and it is now a premium venue for guests to experience the best live performances and some of the most popular classic films.


Nestled inside this bustling community is a thriving university that sits on 2,660 acres of woodlands. More than 13,000 students attend Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to get an education and an experience of a lifetime. Within the university’s grounds is The Gardens at SIUE, a 36-acre property that’s a popular photo and fall colors spot, and SIUE Cougar Lanes, the bowling alley and a favorite hangout for students, faculty and staff alike.

Outdoors & Recreation

Some of the nicest, most stunning parks in the Great Rivers & Routes region call Edwardsville home. Have a picnic by the water at Leclaire Lake Park. Take the kids and splash around at the Leon Corlew Park & Splash Pad. Tee it up at one of the golf courses in the city. Take a walk through the Watershed Nature Center, or along one of the many hiking and biking trails that stretch for miles. Edwardsville is a natural world waiting to be explored.

Events in Edwardsville

An exhilarating bike ride through the streets of downtown. A series of conversations on Arts & Issues hosted by the local university. An array of locally grown and handcrafted wares for sale…

Restaurants in Edwardsville

If a great meal is a celebration of culinary craft, Edwardsville has something for every occasion.

Hotels in Edwardsville

Edwardsville keeps you busy, but when you’re ready to lay your head down at night the city also has more than 300 hotel rooms to offer a great night’s rest.


Shop locally owned and operated businesses as well as major retail outlets in this vibrant and historic community.

Outdoor Recreation