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Evening of Hell Hath No Fury

3559 College Ave., Alton, IL 62002

(217) 791-7859

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Red Diamonds

Join Troy and Lisa from American Hauntings for another night of our “An Evening with…” series of events! This eerie evening will include a catered dinner, served in a private ballroom at the hotel. After dinner, author Troy Taylor will be presenting “Hell Hath No Fury,” a collection of female murderers, serial killers, and sinister spirits that linger.

“I know little of women. But I’ve heard dread tales.”

Discover a shadowy world of killers and victims and the ghosts that are left behind as we explore some of the most dangerous women in American history. Discover dark deeds and the twisted lives of serial murderers, madwomen, vengeful lovers, and victims of sin and depravity who refuse to leave this world behind. This is a night of terror, bloodshed, suffering, and death – and not one for the faint of heart.

If you like your stories of the supernatural twisted with tales of murder and sin, this is a night you’re not going to want to miss.

We’ll be looking out for your health at all our dinner events so we can make sure that everyone is safe, we can maintain social distance, and have a really great time! 



Red Diamonds