Figures appearing in windows of long abandoned mansions. The scent of jasmine perfume lingering on a former hotel's staircase. Spine tingling stories of haunted churches, homes, prisons, hotels and more drift throughout the Great Rivers & Routes region.

Along Route 66 and in communities perched along the mighty MIssissippi River, spirits continue to linger. One community in particular, Alton, has become known as "One of the Most Haunted Small Towns in America."

Journey to Carlinville, Jerseyville, Alton and Grafton and experience what renowned psychics and paranormal investigators have seen for themselves ... the region is full of unexplained occurances and ghostly residents. Many of the sites throughout the region have been featured on national television shows including the notorious McPike Mansion and Mineral Springs Hotel, both located in Alton.

A long, dark and often bloody history of floods, epidemics, death, murder, the Civil War, the Underground Railroad and more make the small town of Alton a treasure trove of strange and ghostly tales, dark history and haunted destinations. From the smallpox catastrophes at the Confederate Prison to the mob killing of martyr Elijah P. Lovejoy, curses dwell in the streets and buildings in this historic community.

Discover for yourself why so many travel to the Great Rivers & Routes region for a getaway full of "spirited" fun!

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Fall & Haunted Events

Fall is about more than vivid fall leaves and bonfires. It’s about wandering through an intricately-designed corn maze. It’s about a day of family fun at a harvest festival. It’s about having a hair-raising experience on a haunted tour. And, yes, it’s about vibrant fall colors along all of our rivers and routes. Grab your jacket and join us this fall throughout the Great Rivers & Routes region.

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Haunted Alton

Alton is considered "One of the Most Haunted Small Towns in America," and it’s time you found out why. Take your authentic ghost hunting adventure to the next level with one of the city’s walking tours in hopes of getting a glimpse of the shades, shadows and souls that reportedly walk the historic streets and haunt the ancestral buildings of the region.