Welcome to Calhoun County

Welcome to Calhoun County! Calhoun County is a narrow peninsula of mostly high ground located between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. The county was organized in 1825. Today, Calhoun County has a population of 5,177 people with miles of lush farmland and countryside to explore. Three ferries – the Brussels Ferry and the Kampsville Ferry, both of which cross the Illinois River, and the Golden Eagle Ferry which traverses the Mississippi River – help visitors access the county. In Hardin, the unique Joe Page Bridge is the only bridge access to the county, spanning the Illinois River and connecting to land routes in north bordering Pike County.

Known for Calhoun County peaches in the summer and apples in the fall, the county offers miles of prosperous farms and orchards, which are enjoyed by day-trippers who visit by car, boat, motorcycle, bicycle or tour bus. It is very popular in the fall when many visitors come to enjoy the beautiful transformation of the leaves. Additionally, because of its unique location between two rivers, many visitors come to observe migrating birds from the fall through the spring. Calhoun County is the second largest winter nesting area for the American Bald Eagle in North America. As you journey along, the gems of the communities can also be found in the historic sites, such as the Center for American Archeology in Kampsville. The county offers a restful respite to those journeying from the St. Louis region and beyond. Take the time to explore the quaint communities making Calhoun County Illinois a county for all seasons!

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